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HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | WINE 10 Tips for Budding Wine Collectors A step-by-step guide to building a respectable vino collection.   Story by Heather Irwin ...
Wednesday, 21 January 2009
100 Best Places to Drink in the South
(March/April 2011/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | MARCH/APRIL 2011 100 Best Places to Drink in the South Your ultimate guide to the best of southern libations, from Virgin...
Sunday, 20 February 2011
HOME | ON TAP | WINE Courtesy of Dr. Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars An Imbibers’ Guide to the Finger Lakes Where to eat, sleep and sip throughout the New York’...
Monday, 16 June 2014
A Guide to Oregon Wine
(Wine/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | WINE Andréa Johnson Photography An Imbiber’s Guide to the Willamette Valley   Nestled between the Coast and Cascade ranges, Oregon...
Thursday, 13 February 2014
Affordable Holiday Wines
(Wine/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | WINE Photo © Chen Budget-Friendly Holiday Wines Ten crowd-pleasing vinos that won't break the bank.     The holidays ...
Monday, 19 October 2009
HOME | ON TAP | WINE Photo courtesy of Wild Horse Winery An Imbiber’s Guide to Paso Robles   Located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Paso Ro...
Friday, 13 December 2013
Andean Dusk Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Andean Dusk Bartender Meaghan Dorman turns the spotlight on the fact that pisco is grape-based, adding only red grapes, sparkling win...
Wednesday, 11 September 2013
Best Biodynamic Wines
(Wine/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | WINE ©   Buying Biodynamic How to pick a great biodynamic wine.   Buried cow skulls, valerian tea and the lunar...
Thursday, 15 December 2011
Best Boxed Wines
(Wine/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | WINE Juice Box Bag-in-box wines that are portable and potable.   Don’t let your preco...
Tuesday, 15 June 2010
HOME | ON TAP | WINE © 15 Under $15 Great wine values from around the world.   Any wine enthusiast has spent some time sea...
Sunday, 19 December 2010
Best Champagne Bars
(Wine/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | WINE Photo by Jannie Huang Bubbly Nation Where to satisfy your urge to splurge on sparkling wines.   In the July/August 2013 issue, Ruth Tobi...
Thursday, 13 June 2013
HOME | ON TAP | WINE © Schwarz Chardonnay’s New Groove A once-maligned grape finds new light thanks to a growing group of domestic ...
Tuesday, 16 October 2012
Best Drink Podcasts
(On Tap/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP Photo Courtesy of Heritage Radio Network   Now Hear This! 10 Great Podcasts for Imbibers.   In the July/August 2013 issue, Robert Simonson prof...
Wednesday, 12 June 2013
HOME | ON TAP | BEER © Listen Up From coffee to cocktails, here are six podcasts worth tuning in to.     I...
Monday, 23 August 2010
Best Kosher Wines
(Wine/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | WINE Photo © Walls Copacetic Koshers 10 kosher wines you won't want to pass over.     Does the memory of bad...
Tuesday, 16 March 2010
HOME | ON TAP Gone to Texas Eating and drinking off the beaten path in the Lone Star state.   Our Texas Issue (March/April 2013) is dedicated to drinking in t...
Thursday, 14 February 2013
HOME | ON TAP | WINE     Treasure Hunters 15 great boutique wine shops across America.   In our May/June 2013 issue, Sarah Karnasiewicz explores the chang...
Wednesday, 10 April 2013
Bittercup Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Photo by Christopher Flett Bittercup “The intention of this drink is to combine only bitter ingredients,” says its creator, ...
Monday, 24 February 2014
Brooklyn Bee Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Brooklyn Bee This lavender- and honey-kissed cocktail from Manhattan’s Le Bernadin is summer in a glass.   1 3/4 oz. gin 1 oz. l...
Thursday, 12 June 2014
Brooklyn Wine Scene
(Wine/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | WINE Photo by Neal Beckerman Bottled Up in Brooklyn Get a taste of the borough's wine scene.   By Tracy Howard ...
Friday, 09 April 2010
Capitulation Number 3 Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Capitulation No. 3 This dynamo aperitif makes a tasty pre-theater sipper featuring Salers gentiane liqueur, one of Imbibe’s Flavo...
Wednesday, 12 December 2012
Castillan Cup Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Castillan Cup This refreshing cocktail is inspired by classic Pimm's Cup and sangria recipes, and it's guaranteed to lower your core te...
Friday, 31 July 2009
Champagne Cocktails
(Spirits and Cocktails/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | COCKTAILS & SPIRITS   Photo by Stuart Mullenberg   Pop Goes the Cocktail Sparkling cocktails add some extra pep to your Champ...
Tuesday, 27 December 2011
Changing Role of Sommeliers
(Sept/Oct 2013/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013 Dressed Down As fine dining goes the way of the expense account, the role of the modern sommelier m...
Thursday, 15 August 2013
Characters: Cliff Bingham
(Nov/Dec 2012/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 Born to Farm In Texas’ High Plains, Cliff Bingham has made viticulture a family affair.   St...
Sunday, 24 February 2013
Characters: Laura Williamson
(Jan/Feb 2008/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | JAN/FEB 2008 The Natural Laura Williamson is an unexpected shoo-in for a life in wine.   Story by Edie Jarolim Photo ...
Saturday, 17 January 2009
Characters: Levi Dalton
(Jul/Aug 2013/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | JULY/AUGUST 2013 He’ll Drink to That At the table and in the studio, sommelier turned podcaster Levi Dalton keeps the wi...
Wednesday, 26 June 2013
Charentes Shrub Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Photo by Stuart Mullenberg Charentes Shrub This recipe won the 2011 Imbibe Cover Cocktail Contest. It shows how you can creativ...
Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Charity Wine Auctions
(Wine/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | WINE Photo by Jason Tinacci, Napa Valley Vintners Drink Generously Fill your cellar—and the coffers of local non...
Wednesday, 14 April 2010
HOME | ON TAP | WINE Home for the Holidays Christina Turley share her wine tips and picks for the holiday season.   With so many personalities sure to b...
Monday, 24 October 2011
Cointreuse Fizz Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Photo by Fred Fung Cointreuse Fizz Citrusy Cointreau meets the herbaceousness of Chartreuse in this sparkling wine-capped fizzer...
Monday, 24 February 2014
Cozy Pomegranate Cider Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Photo by Tim Turner Cozy Pomegranate Cider Combine mulled wine with a spiced cider and you’ll get this soothing combo sure t...
Monday, 17 October 2011
Crush Time: Inside the Grape Harvest
(Sept/Oct 2006/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | SEPT/OCT 2006 Crush Time Winemakers may not be stomping grapes with their feet these days, but crush is still as magical—...
Tuesday, 20 January 2009
Dandelion Wine
(Wine/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | WINE Photo © Stasiak A Sip of Summer How to turn weeds into wine.   Even though dandelion wine takes hard work and ...
Monday, 20 April 2009
Dessert Wines
(Nov/Dec 2008/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | NOV/DEC 2008 The Sweet Life Dessert wines are a perfect way to sweeten up your holidays.   Story by Jim Clarke Phot...
Wednesday, 31 December 2008
Double Platinum Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Double Platinum Two fortified wines in one glass? San Francisco bartender Joel Teitelbaum makes a strong case with this captivating s...
Monday, 06 August 2012
Drink Statistics
(Spirits and Cocktails/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | COCKTAILS & SPIRITS © Truth in Numbers Drinks have come a long way in the past five years.   Imbibe’s ...
Friday, 15 April 2011
Dubonnet Cocktail Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Dubonnet Cocktail   1 1/2 oz. gin 1 1/2 oz. Dubonnet Rouge Ice Tools: mixing glass, barspoon, strainer Glass: cocktail Combine ing...
Wednesday, 22 April 2009
Elements: Quinquinas
(Jul/Aug 2008/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | JULY/AUG 2008 Good Medicine: Quinquinas Quinquinas provide a cure for the common cocktail   Story by Paul Clarke P...
Friday, 16 January 2009
Elements: Vermouth
(Sept/Oct 2006/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | SEPT/OCT 2006 Elements: Vermouth Sweet or dry, vermouth is ready for its close up.   Story by Paul Clarke Photo by ...
Tuesday, 20 January 2009
Fava Bean Risotto Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | FOOD, MIXERS & GARNISH RECIPES     Fava Bean Risotto This is an easy weeknight risotto with a hearty pour of white wine packed with the flavo...
Monday, 02 April 2012
French Value Wines
(Wine/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | WINE © Ooh La Lunch! French-inspired picnic pairings for under $25.   Think all French wine is wallet-busting Bor...
Tuesday, 29 May 2012
Garage Winemaking
(Wine/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | WINE   Wine, Your Way Garage winemaking is the latest DIY darling.   By Tracy Howard   Homebrewing is more popular than ever, but what ...
Thursday, 11 August 2011
HOME | ON TAP | WINE © Chen Mourvèdre Smackdown A tasting of wines from the Old World to New.   Tricky to pronounce but easy to drink...
Wednesday, 18 December 2013
Greek Wines
(Wine/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | WINE © Get Us to the Greek 10 Greek wines we love.   In our May/June 2012 issue, writer Ruth Tobias explores ...
Wednesday, 11 April 2012
HOME | RECIPES | FOOD, MIXERS & GARNISH RECIPES Photo by Sheri Giblin Grill-Roasted Herbed Turkey with Chardonnay Gravy Everyone knows Chardonnay and turkey ar...
Wednesday, 01 December 2010
Holiday Glogg Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES   Holiday Glögg Robert Simonson wrote about this Scandinavian holiday tradition in our November/December 2009 issue. This rec...
Monday, 19 October 2009
HOME | ON TAP | WINE Stuart Mullenberg Your Ultimate Holiday Food & Wine Pairing Guide From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, this guide will help keep...
Friday, 18 October 2013
Homemade Mead
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Homemade Mead Mead is in the midst of a renaissance (no, not the faire sort). Brewers big and small are sweet on honey wine, and our Ju...
Wednesday, 12 June 2013
Homemade Strawberry Wine Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES   Photos by Stuart Mullenberg Strawberry Wine Homemade strawberry wine delivers a fruity splash of the season.   If yo...
Friday, 19 April 2013

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