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Imbibe's Etsy Picks
(Coffee and Tea/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | COFFEE & TEA Show & Tell Shopping among Etsy’s drinks-inspired crafts. Imbibers are a crafty bunch—spend just a few minutes browsing the...
Wednesday, 10 March 2010
In Bruges Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES In Bruges Pineapple, hibiscus-infused gin and a light Belgian-style saison ale combine to make a deliciously crisp, fruity and flora...
Thursday, 24 May 2012
IPA Beers for Summer
(Beer/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | BEER © All-American IPAs   Perhaps no other style of beer has inspired the American craft brewing scene more than the...
Thursday, 12 June 2014
Irish Fiji Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Irish Fiji This spicy, rich and decadent cocktail makes the perfect winter warmer.   1 1/2 oz. Seven Tiki spiced rum 1/2 oz. Tawny...
Thursday, 07 October 2010
Kansas City Cocktails, Beer and Coffee
(Jan/Feb 2012/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012   Kansas City Here We Come A rich, ever-evolving drinks culture awaits in the Paris of the ...
Thursday, 15 December 2011
La Valentina Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES     La Valentina This refreshing beer cocktail from Death + Co. bar manager Thomas Waugh is at once sweet and tart with a lit...
Thursday, 28 July 2011
HOME | RECIPES | FOOD, MIXERS & GARNISH RECIPES Photo by Jackie Dodd, Lemon Pilsner Cake with Pilsner Cream Cheese Frosting A tangy lemon loaf...
Monday, 02 April 2012
Long Island Beer Scene
(Beer/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | BEER Photo by Liz Banfield   Go East Ready for a taste of East New York beer? Here’s where to go on Long Island.   In the March/...
Friday, 17 February 2012
Louisville Drinks Scene
(Nov/Dec 2014/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 Kentucky Cool Louisville’s drinks scene strikes a balance between decadence and dec...
Wednesday, 15 October 2014
HOME | ON TAP | BEER © Make Your Own Beer Advent Calendar Assembling the ultimate beer-lovers’ box for counting down to Christmas is e...
Friday, 18 October 2013
HOME | RECIPES | FOOD, MIXERS & GARNISH RECIPES Photo by Jacquelyn Dodd Slow-Roasted Maple Stout Baby Back Beef Ribs Beer-spiked barbecue sauce lends some finge...
Wednesday, 11 December 2013
Michelada Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Photo by Alex Farnum Michelada Super savory and great any time of day, this spicy beer cocktail is a perfect brunch drink.   ...
Friday, 02 January 2009
HOME | RECIPES   Nate Query’s Accidental 40-Minute IPA The Decemberists’ bassist Nate Query may be known for his musical talents, but it turns out he also ha...
Wednesday, 10 August 2011
New Hops Breeds
(July/Aug 2010/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | JULY/AUGUST 2010 Flavor of the Month Today’s Latest Breeds of Hops Are Putting a Refreshing Spin on Beer.   S...
Thursday, 17 June 2010
Odin's Mead recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Photo by Alex Gregg Odin's Mead This potent combo of scotch, heavy cream and beer takes its name from an ancient god of Norse m...
Thursday, 15 December 2011
Old-Style American Lagers
(May/Jun 2007/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | MAY/JUNE 2007 Not Your Daddy's Lager Crisp, cool lawnmower beers are getting a makeover, pre-Prohibition style.   Story...
Sunday, 18 January 2009
One Sunset Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Photo by Ashley Stelzer One Sunset Red grapes may seem more at home in a wine glass, but we love the pop of flavor they add to ...
Monday, 02 April 2012
Organic, Barrel-Aged and Herb-Infused Beers
(Mar/Apr 2007/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BEER Blast From the Past Organic, barrel-aged and herb-infused beers offer a taste of brew history.   Story by Joshua M. Bernstein ...
Wednesday, 31 December 2008
Panache Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Photo by Emily Baker   Panaché Fresh and fizzy, this beer cocktail hits the spot.   3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice 3...
Monday, 11 June 2012
Picnic Pairings
(On Tap/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP © Ryaposo Sunny Delight A peek at what’s inside our picnic baskets.   Summer means it’s picnic season, and i...
Thursday, 13 June 2013
HOME | RECIPES | FOOD, MIXERS & GARNISH RECIPES Photo by Jackie Dodd, Pilsner Waffles with Amber Ale Caramel Sauce Who doesn’t love beer wit...
Monday, 02 April 2012
(Beer/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | BEER © Patterson Oh, Snap! A mixed 6-pack of crisp, refreshing pilsners to help you keep cool as temperatures rise.   ...
Wednesday, 11 April 2012
HOME | RECIPES | FOOD, MIXERS & GARNISH RECIPES Photo by Jacquelyn Dodd Porter-Braised Pulled-Pork Sandwiches with IPA Jalapeño Slaw A double dose of b...
Thursday, 12 December 2013
Portland Beer Week
(Beer/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | BEER Portland Beer Week A guide to Portland's weeklong celebration of local brews.   Maybe it's because every week is beer week in Port...
Thursday, 18 August 2011
HOME | ON TAP Photo by Jesse Champlain   Your Ultimate Portland Central Eastside Bar Crawl   One of Portland’s strangest and most confusing intersections is a...
Thursday, 13 February 2014
Pumpkin Ales
(Beer/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | BEER Photo © Squashed! Rethinking pumpkin ales.     Every fall, a new crop of pumpkin ales si...
Thursday, 29 October 2009
Pumpkin IPA Scones Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | FOOD, MIXERS & GARNISH RECIPES Photo by Jacquelyn Dodd Pumpkin IPA Scones Beer for breakfast? A hoppy IPA flavors these pumpkin-packed scones f...
Wednesday, 11 December 2013
Q & A with Greg Engert
(Q & A/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | Q & A WITH GREG ENGERT Photo Courtesy Neighborhood Restaurant Group   Up to the Cask A Q&A with leading suds expert, Greg Engert.     A ca...
Sunday, 12 August 2012
Q & A with Greg Hall
(Q & A/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | Q & A WITH GREGORY HALL Photo by Grant Kessler Along Came a Cider Chicago’s Gregory Hall opens up about his new project, Virtue Cider, and life...
Wednesday, 11 April 2012
HOME | ON TAP | BEER Photo by Jason Plotkin Q & A Beer can collector Jeff Lebo chats about how he’s amassed the world’s largest collection of beer cans. 9...
Thursday, 06 October 2011
HOME | ON TAP | BEER   Q & A Authors Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune talk about Keystone Light, brewing while baking, and the otherworldly combo of beer and ch...
Monday, 21 December 2009
HOME | ON TAP | BEER © Q&A Washington farmer Jason Perrault tells us what’s...
Thursday, 17 June 2010
HOME | ON TAP | BEER Courtesy Jason and Todd Alström Q&A Talking beer and, well, more beer with BeerAdvocate founders Jason and Todd Alström.   As ...
Tuesday, 17 August 2010
HOME | ON TAP | Q & A WITH LESLIE HENDERSON Q & A Leslie Henderson is infusing the craft beer world with a taste of the South.   Leslie Henderson is as southern as t...
Tuesday, 05 April 2011
Q&A: Phil Farrell
(Beer/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | BEER   Why Did the Beer Geek Cross the Road? Phil Farrell—and his bronzed rubber chicken—go global for good beer.   In the January/Fe...
Thursday, 15 December 2011
Radler Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES     Radler Fresh pineapple, ginger and aquavit spice up this summery beer cocktail.   6 oz. Blanche de Bruxelles, or oth...
Friday, 24 June 2011
Roadler Punch Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Roadler Punch Freddy Tincher prefers Aperol to other styles of bitters for its sweetness and fruit-forward flavor profile, which pair...
Friday, 14 February 2014
Roll Pin Shandy Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Roll Pin Shandy Erik Carlson uses a light, blended whisky that doesn’t compete with the bold flavors of the IPA in this take on a c...
Friday, 14 February 2014
Rusty Rudolph Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Photo by Chris Spear Rusty Rudolph The Rusty Nail gets a beer-spiked makeover in this seasonal adaptation.   

1 oz. Sc...
Wednesday, 15 October 2014
Rye Beers
(Jan/Feb 2011/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011   Against The Grain A little bit of rye goes a long way in creating complex beers.   Sto...
Sunday, 19 December 2010
Sacramento Drinks Scene
(Jul/Aug 2014/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | JULY/AUGUST 2014 California Dreaming Sacramento drinkmakers are putting their imaginations to work in bars, pubs and...
Friday, 01 August 2014
Salt Lake City Breweries
(Beer/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | BEER Courtesy of Squatters     Utah Brews Salt Lake City in 5 sips.   Although beer on draft must be below 4% ABV in Utah—the sta...
Tuesday, 12 August 2014
HOME | RECIPES | FOOD, MIXERS & GARNISH RECIPES Naomi Robinson, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Stout Whoopie Pies These pillowy whoopie pies take ...
Thursday, 15 March 2012
Sam Calagione Q&A
(Beer/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | BEER 5 Things You Never Knew About ... Sam Calagione As the founder of Dogfish Head brewery and the guy behind cult beer favorites like the 60- and...
Wednesday, 31 March 2010
San Antonio in Five Sips
(On Tap/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP Photo courtesy The Brooklynite San Antonio in 5 Sips One of our Imbibe 75 2014 Destinations to Watch, San Antonio—which has long lived in the shadow of...
Thursday, 26 December 2013
San Diego Beer and Cocktails
(Jul/Aug 2012/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | JULY/AUGUST 2012   One-Two Punch With its renowned beer scene and a booming cocktail culture, San Diego offers a do...
Friday, 01 June 2012
Scene Scout: Shaw, Washington, DC
(Nov/Dec 2014/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 Photo by Scott Suchman Scene Scout: Where to Go Now Shaw, Washington, DC   Story by M...
Thursday, 16 October 2014
Separation Anxiety Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Separation Anxiety Crème de cassis and pimento dram add a splash of fruit and spice to a frothy glass of Guinness. 3/4 oz. crèm...
Thursday, 13 December 2012
Shandy Gaff Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES     Shandy Gaff The classic Shandy finds a refreshing match with an equal mix of light and floral Trumer Pils and peppery Fen...
Thursday, 28 July 2011
Shandy Three Ways
(Spirits and Cocktails/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | COCKTAILS & SPIRITS Eric Wolfinger Three Ways: The Shandy   Craving a cold one? As one of the oldest beer-spiked refreshers, shandies are ...
Thursday, 22 August 2013

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