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Red Hook Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Photo by Stuart Mullenberg Red Hook A relative of the Manhattan and Brooklyn cocktails, this rye-forward sipper finds its swee...
Wednesday, 31 August 2011
Best Negronis in America
(Spirits and Cocktails/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | COCKTAILS & SPIRITS Photo by Stuart Mullenberg Negroni Fever 10 spots serving up topnotch versions of the Italian classic.   The Italian...
Friday, 12 August 2011
HOME | RECIPES | FOOD, MIXERS & GARNISH RECIPES     Aztec Mocha Spiked Milkshake Cayenne adds a kick to this dreamy combo of coffee ice cream, tequila and cho...
Wednesday, 03 August 2011
La Valentina Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES     La Valentina This refreshing beer cocktail from Death + Co. bar manager Thomas Waugh is at once sweet and tart with a lit...
Thursday, 28 July 2011
HOME | ON TAP Pushett Irby Photography courtesy Brooklyn Farmacy Soda Fountain USA Your state-by-state guide to fizzy bliss.       ...
Friday, 22 July 2011
Best Tiki Bars
(Spirits and Cocktails/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | COCKTAILS & SPIRITS ©istockphoto.com/jganserjganser Islands Ho! Can't make your way to the tropics? Here are 9 tiki havens that of...
Wednesday, 15 June 2011
Tao of Pooh Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES     Tao of Pooh This simple but lovely cocktail is a meditation on Winnie the Pooh's favorite food.   2 oz. coconut wate...
Tuesday, 07 June 2011
East Indian Swizzle Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES     East Indian Swizzle This tiki-fied interpretation of Harry Johnson’s classic East India Cocktail combines three seeming...
Tuesday, 07 June 2011
The Honey Beer Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Photo courtesy of JoeDoe The Honey Beer Looking for a way to jazz up a bottle of pale ale? Give this combo of gin, fresh lemon...
Tuesday, 07 June 2011
Dog-Friendly Pubs
(Beer/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | BEER Pooches & Pints Don't want to leave Fido at home when you head out for your next pint? Here are 10 pubs that will allow you to tak...
Wednesday, 25 May 2011
Rhubarb Smash Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Rhubarb Smash 1 1/2 oz. gin 1/2 oz. thyme syrup (see below) 1/2 oz. simple syrup (1:1) 1 oz. fresh lemon juice 1 oz. rhubarb puree ...
Wednesday, 18 May 2011
Pop-Up Coffee Shops
(May/June 2011/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | MAY/JUNE 2011   Pop Goes the Coffee Shop Temporary cafés are delivering great coffee to the people, one vacant spa...
Friday, 15 April 2011
Little Italy Cocktail Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES   Little Italy This cocktail is New York all the way. It’s the perfect expression of the neighborhood that Pegu Club’s Aud...
Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Q&A with David Wondrich
(Spirits and Cocktails/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | COCKTAILS AND SPIRITS Photo by Nicolas Noyes Q&A with David W...
Friday, 15 October 2010
Cask Ale Festivals
(Beer/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | BEER Photo By Jennifer Yin Firkin Fun Cask ale celebrations across America.   Our September/October 2012 issue taps...
Wednesday, 14 April 2010
Crooklyn Flip Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Photo by Michael Cogliantry Crooklyn Flip At Brooklyn’s Bar Celona, bar manager Clif Travers makes this smooth, rich cocktail...
Friday, 09 April 2010
The Cinnsation Cocktail Recpe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES The Cinnsation This cocktail offers the perfect balance of smoke, citrus and spice. 1 1/2 oz. aged mezcal 1 1/2 oz. mulled apple cide...
Friday, 12 February 2010
Q & A with Rachel Maddow
(Q & A/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | Q & A WITH RACHEL MADDOW Photo courtesy NBC Universal   Q & A MSNBC host Rachel Maddow talks about her favorite cocktails, plus ingredients an...
Friday, 15 January 2010
Misa de Gallo Punch Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Misa de Gallo Punch This festive holiday punch comes from bartender Eryn Reece, who found inspiration for the recipe in the homeland o...
Thursday, 31 December 2009
Belgian Beef Stew Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | FOOD, MIXERS & GARNISH RECIPES Photo by Stuart Mullenberg Carbonnade à la Flamande Beer has long been an integral part of Belgian culture, so ...
Wednesday, 09 December 2009
Q & A with Eric Asimov
(Q & A/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | Q & A WITH ERIC ASIMOV Photo courtesy Eric Asimov Q & A New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov weighs in on making wine approachable, which wines mak...
Tuesday, 20 October 2009
The Viering Cocktail Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES   The Viering Eryn Reece gave this cocktail a Dutch name (it means “celebration”) in honor of genever’s homeland.   2 ...
Monday, 19 October 2009
The Diana Krall Cocktail Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES   The Diana Krall Skip dessert and sip on this sweet, jazzy number (named after the famous singer) instead.   2 oz. bourbon ...
Monday, 19 October 2009
Greg Boehm Profile
(Nov/Dec 2009/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | NOV/DEC 2009 The Wizard of Odd A mild-mannered book publisher presides over an astonishing trove of cocktail treasures. ...
Friday, 16 October 2009
Q & A with Julie Powell
(Q & A/On Tap)
HOME | ON TAP | Q & A WITH JULIE POWELL Photo by Kelly Campbell Q & A The author of Julie & Julia dishes about wine, Julia Child and what it’s like to have your co...
Wednesday, 24 June 2009
Guilty Kilt Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Guilty Kilt This cocktail takes inspiration from British afternoon tea service. “We wanted to play with tea and milk, which is a lit...
Friday, 12 June 2009
Aegean Fizz Cocktail Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Aegean Fizz First-place winner in Imbibe's Metaxa Cocktail Competition, April 2009. This beautiful cocktail offers a nice texture and ...
Monday, 27 April 2009
The Clermont Affair Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES The Clermont Affair “This cocktail is the story of a flawed love, packing a sweet start with a bitter finish,” says Joel Baker. 2...
Thursday, 22 January 2009
Ghost Man: Walter Backerman
(Jul/Aug 2007/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | JULY/AUG 2007 Ghost Man A seltzer man shoulders a piece of New York history.   Story by Roberta Cruger Photos by Mic...
Sunday, 18 January 2009
Pop Culture: Branson B's Champagne
(Nov/Dec 2007/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | NOV/DEC 2007 Pop Culture He introduced Champagne to the hip-hop world—now he's pushing his own bubbly.   Story by Jim...
Sunday, 18 January 2009
The Vipera Cocktail Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Photo by Ed Gowan The Vipera This recipe won second prize in our Pear cocktail contest, in partnership with USA Pears.   ...
Sunday, 18 January 2009
100 Best Places to Drink Beer in America
(Sept/Oct 2008/In The Magazine)
HOME | IN THE MAGAZINE | BACK ISSUES | SEPT/OCT 2008 100 Best Places to Drink Beer in America We tap into the best brews to be found coast to coast.   Story...
Sunday, 11 January 2009
Tantris Sidecar Recipe
HOME | RECIPES | COCKTAIL RECIPES Tantris Sidecar In our Q&A with political commentator Rachel Maddow (who also happens to be a serious cocktail enthusiast), Maddow told...
Friday, 02 January 2009

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