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Spring Fever

Hot and iced teas for whatever weather the season brings.



Spring is a finicky time of year. Sun one day and rain the next—today you might need a refreshing sipper to cool you down, while tomorrow may call for something to warm you up. Thankfully, tea makers have you covered, whether the weather calls for sunshine or showers. From smooth and minty to light and fruity, here are a few springtime teas that will help you beat the heat or fend off a chill, or anything else the weather may bring.



Fleur de Geisha from Palais des Thés
Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in this floral-scented green tea from Paris-based Le Palais des Thés. Steep up a cup and take in the aromas of Kyoto’s famed cherry blossoms while drinking in this grassy green. Alternatively, pour it over ice for a light spring cooler.
$21 for 3.5 oz.,

No. 22 National Parks Department from Belloq
Looking ahead to a summer vacay? This blend from Brooklyn-based Bellocq combines organic black teas from India and China with juniper berries, Douglas fir tips and cornflowers for a National Parks-inspired taste on the great outdoors.
$17 for 3 oz.,

Emerald Spring from Kilogram Tea
As delicate as a springtime daisy, this mild green tea is soft and sweet with a subtle nuttiness on the finish. Curl up with a cuppa and the reminder that warmer weather is on the way.
$10 for 1.75 oz.,

White Blueberry from Zhi Teas
Light and delicate, this organic white tea is mixed with dried blueberries and blue cornflowers for subtle floral aromas complimented with just a trace of blueberry fruit. Soft, yet still complex, this tea is also chockfull of antioxidant power, which helps to ward off any early spring chills.
$13.95 for 2 oz,

Meadow from Steven Smith Teamaker
Tissanes don’t get much springier than this blend of chamomile, hyssop, rooibos and rose petals. A touch of lemon myrtle lends a sunny brightness to any type of spring day, rain or shine.  
$11 for 1.7 oz.,

Green Peace from Chad’s Chai and Tea
Get minty, Moroccan-style tea with a pot of Green Peace from South Carolina-based tea blender, Chad Morris. Full-leaf Chinese green tea is balanced with notes of organic spearmint and peppermint for results that are as soothing warm as they are refreshing iced.
$12 for 2.75 oz., 

Mao Jian “Hair Tip” from Teance
The most recent harvest of spring teas are en route to San Francisco-based Teance, including this hand-rolled, high-elevation green. Fresh as it gets, it will sell quick, so preorder a satchel while you can.
$2 for 2 oz.,

Forever Spring from SerendipiTea
The name of this Taiwanese oolong from SerendipiTea truly says it all. Light almond flavors and notes of sweet cream and honey are rich, inviting and equally delicious hot or iced.
$14 for 4 oz., 





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