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No. 31: May/June 2011


Big Love

Imbibe is turning 5, and we can’t believe how much has happened with drinks over the past few years—we celebrate the highlights.
BONUS: Check out how the drinks world has evolved over the past five years—by the numbers.
RECIPE: Charentes Shrub
RECIPE: Among Dreams
RECIPE: Little Italy
RECIPE: Rose Quartz
RECIPE: The Kirkwood


Dinner & Drinks

In San Francisco, restaurants are serving up some of the best cocktails in the city.
BONUS: Find out where to go for the best coffee in San Francisco.
RECIPE: The Whaler
RECIPE: Rye Baby
RECIPE: Airmail


So the Story Gose READ »

A salty, sour German beer is making a delicious comeback.
BONUS: Explore a few more of the lesser-known German beer styles.


New Vintage

Three young winemakers bridge the past and the future of American wine.
BONUS: Read about more multi-generational winemakers.


Pop Goes the Coffee Shop READ »

Temporary cafés deliver great coffee to the people, one vacant space at a time.



Uncorked A noble syrup adds complexity to cocktails, where to find the best wine on tap, and Debi Mazar and her husband chat about their new show Extra Virgin.
BONUS: Check out our Q&A with Debi Mazar and her husband Gabriele Corcos.


Dr. Cocktail Finding a buried treasure on the island of misfit cocktails.
RECIPE: Cognac Stinger


Distilled Wondering about the purpose of a julep strainer? Looking for a good
coffee cocktail recipe? We’ve got answers. Ask your own question by clicking This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Taste-Test Brighten your day with a bottle of limoncello.
RECIPE: Homemade Limoncello
RECIPE: Limoncello Sparkle
RECIPE: Limoncello Granita


Gear Reusable bottles that are ready for the office, gym or trail.


Elements Nearly two centuries later, Pimm’s No. 1 is still a winning formula. READ »
RECIPE: Classic Pimm's Cup
RECIPE: Homemade Pimm's
RECIPE: Spiced Pimm’s Cup


Characters Chris Hannah is not ahead of the curve, not behind it. Just slightly off to one side.
BONUS: Touring the Big Easy’s food and drinks scene with Chris Hannah.
RECIPE: Absinthe Suissesse
RECIPE: Ramos Gin Fizz
RECIPE: Bywater Cocktail


Mix It Up When rhubarb season arrives, think beyond the pie tin and whip up a batch of bitters.

RECIPE: Juquila Cocktail

RECIPE: Mexican Martinez

RECIPE: Rurita Cocktail


Scene Scout Cocktails go non-partisan at Austin’s Bar Congress.

RECIPE: Preferred Lies


Cravings We scream for chocolate-drizzled, beer ice cream puffs.


Quench Coffee syrup is the secret to Rhode Island’s favorite creamy confection. READ »



Cocktails The S.O.S., Fallen Angel, Yirgacheffe Cooler, Peaches & Herb, A Spot of Tea, Tequila Cup, Charentes Shrub, The Barkeep’s Whimsy, Newark, Catcher in the Rye, Aston Martin, White Toga, Charmane's Star

Cravings Beer Profiteroles With Chocolate-Beer Sauce

How-to Rhubarb Bitters


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