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No. 25: May/June 2010


25 Most Influential Cocktails of the Past Century

Find our which cocktails have shaped the way we drink today.

BONUS: The 25 Most Influential Cocktail Personalities of the Past Century.


A Living Tradition READ »

Once solely a staple of British pubs, cask ales are finding a place among America’s craft beers.

BONUS: Where to Find the Best Cask Ales in America.

BONUS: Cask Ale Festivals Coast to Coast.


A Scene Grows in Brooklyn

From Greenpoint to Bushwick, craft breweries, cocktail lounges and coffee bars are in full bloom.

BONUS: Get A Taste Of The Borough’s Wine Scene.

RECIPE: Crooklyn Flip.


Red All Over

Rooibos is ready for its close-up.

RECIPE: Roughstock Sour


Sold to the Lady in the Grape-Stained Blouse! READ »

Can your average work-a-day oenophile buy bottles at auction, or will your wallet get crushed under the gavel?

BONUS: A Guide To Wine Auction Etiquette.
BONUS: 6 Charity Auctions Worth Your Bid.



Uncorked Drink news you can use.


Dr. CocktailCocktail noir and the Polynesian Pearl Diver.


Distilled Your questions, expert answers. Ask your own question by clicking  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Taste-Test Get smart about dry vermouth.


Gear Hawthorn strainers put to the cocktail-making test.


Elements Dress up your cocktails with a punch of peppercorn. READ »


Characters Maury Rubin has two Emmys and four bakeries to his credit, but many New Yorkers think his top-secret hot cocoa recipe is his shining success. READ »


Mix It Up How to make your own nocino.

RECIPE: On the Rise


Scene Scout Where to go now, from Heart in San Francisco to Amity Hall in New York City.


Cravings Mint julep panna cotta.


Quench Welcome to China’s Nava Valley.



Cocktails Cocktails The Porch Swing, Polynesian Pearl Diver, Rye, Cameron’s Kick, Cerise Picante, Cuba Libre, Dry Martini, Mojito, Alexander, Aviation, Singapore Sling, Sidecar, Bloody Mary, Last Word, Margarita, Negroni, Bellini, Mai Tai, Zombie, Moscow Mule, Caipirinha, Harvey Wallbanger, Irish Coffee, Kangaroo, B-52, Long Island Iced Tea, Piña Colada, Cosmopolitan, Gin-Gin Mule, Red Hook, The JakeWalk, Solera, Colonia Cooler, Matrimony Cocktail

Cravings Rooibos Dulche de Leche Ice Cream, Mint Julep Panna Cotta

How-to Nocino, Cold-Brew Rooibos, Hot-Brew Rooibos