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No. 32: July/August 2011


Mai oh Mai

Infuse your summer cocktails with the flavors of tiki.
BONUS: Take a tour of some of the best tiki bars in the country.
RECIPE: Cradle of Life
RECIPE: East Indian Swizzle
RECIPE: Pele’s Enchantment
RECIPE: Pressgang Swizzle
RECIPE: Queen’s Park Swizzle
RECIPE: Trinidadian Punch


Sky’s the Limit

Austin’s burgeoning drinks scene just keeps getting better.
BONUS: Learn about the growing wine scene surrounding Austin.
RECIPE: Flippin' Weisnhimer
RECIPE: Margarita La Condesa
RECIPE: Montegomatica
RECIPE: Velpar


Will Bike for Beer READ »

Craft beer fuels a community on wheels.


Bueno Tempranillo! READ »

Red wine before Labor Day? We say yes, especially if it's a BBQ-friendly Tempranillo.


Fizzy Business

The classic American soda fountain is back, and as refreshing as ever.
BONUS: Check out our sampling of soda fountains across the U.S.
BONUS: Read about the history of Egg Cream Soda.
RECIPE: Angostura Phosphate

RECIPE: Pink Poodle



Uncorked Bloody Mary mix primed for summertime tailgates, where to go for the best beer cocktails, and actor Stanley Tucci on his love affair with wine.
RECIPE: Honey Beer Cocktail


Old Fashioned David Wondrich gets to the bottom of the Singapore Sling. READ »


Distilled Want to know which wines make the best sangrias? Curious about Obama’s honey ale? We’ve got answers. Ask your own question by clicking This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Taste-Test Find out which coconut waters best refresh.
BONUS: Go cuckoo for coconut in your next cocktail.

RECIPE: Tao of Pooh


Gear Personal blenders make it easier than ever to take your smoothies to go.
RECIPE: Piña Colada


Elements Don’t call pisco a grape brandy—just call it delicious.
RECIPE: Chet Helms
RECIPE: Kiwicha
RECIPE: Pisco Sour


Characters San Francisco syrup maker Jennifer Colliau takes DIY to the max. READ »


Mix It Up Spice up your tiki cocktails with homemade falernum.
RECIPE: Zombie


Scene Scout Deposit yourself at The Bedford, one of Chicago’s newest spots for specialty cocktails.
RECIPE: Cucumber Cooler


Cravings Celebrate summer with icy, berrylicious Cabernet pops.


Quench Cooling off in the Amazon with aguas frescas.

BONUS: Get tips for making perfect aguas frescas.

RECIPE: Agua de Fresca y Jalepeño

RECIPE: Agua de Limón con Chia
RECIPE: Honeydew Agua Fresca
RECIPE: Watermelon Agua Fresca



Cocktails Original Singapore Sling, Pan-American Sangria, Hiram Bingham, Bedford Bramble, City of Kings, London Burning, Laka’s Nectar, Bitter Mai Tai, Suffering Travis, Lingua Franca, Wicked Wahine, Tiki-Ti Five-0, Hamilton Park Swizzle, Fightin’ Words, Paloma Flower, The Redbud, Egg Cream Soda, Japanese Thirst Killer Phosphate, Deluxebury Swizzle

Cravings Berry Cabernet Popsicles

How-to Homemade Falernum


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