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Holiday Glögg

Robert Simonson wrote about this Scandinavian holiday tradition in our November/December 2009 issue. This recipe was handed down to Simonson’s friend, Anne Heid, from her Finnish mother. She says that since the wine is heavily flavored during the mulling process, it’s not necessary to splurge on boutique bottles—she usually uses an inexpensive Burgundy. She also suggests using a slow cooker to simmer the mixture, and says she sometimes adds 2 cups of vodka to the mixture during the simmering stage to give her glögg an extra kick.

1 gallon dry red wine

1 1/2 cups brown sugar

1 Tbsp. Angostura bitters

6 whole cardamom, crushed

5 whole cloves

1 inch fresh ginger, peeled

1 cinnamon stick
peel of 1 orange

2 cups raisins

2 cups slivered almonds


Mix together wine, sugar, spices and orange peel in a non-reactive container and let stand overnight (or a minimum of eight hours). Strain mixture into pot or slow cooker and simmer until warm, stirring. To serve, add a few raisins and almonds into each small cup or mug before ladling in the warm wine mixture.






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