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Photo by Stuart Mullenberg

El Nacional

Seattle bartender Casey Robison matches the earthy richness of mezcal with the flavors of bitter orange and chocolate, then boosts this cocktail’s ethereal aromatics with a few drops of smoky Islay scotch.

1 oz. mezcal
1 oz. Campari
1/2 oz. Ramazzotti Amaro

1/2 oz. dry vermouth
3 dashes chocolate bitters
Ice cubes
Tools: mixing glass, barspoon, strainer
Glass: cocktail
Garnish: 2 to 3 drops Islay whisky, such as Laphroaig; lemon twist

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir well until chilled, about 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled glass. Drip 2 to 3 drops of whisky on top of the drink’s surface; coil a lemon twist over the glass to release the citrus oils and then use as a garnish.

Casey Robison, Barrio, Seattle




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