Dill Paloma

Grapefruit soda makes a great cocktail mixer, adding acidity, sweetness and slight effervescence to a finished drink. For this refreshing summer cooler, Las Perlas general manager, Raul Yrastorza, combines the tangy soda with blanco tequila, fresh dill and muddled cucumber.


2 oz. blanco tequila
3/4 oz. fresh lime juice

1 bottle grapefruit soda, like Jarritos
1 fresh dill sprig
2 cucumber wheels

Ice cubes
Tools: shaker, muddler, strainer
Glass: Collins
Garnish: kosher salt, dill sprig, 3 cucumber wheels

In the base of a shaker, muddle the cucumber wheels and dill. Add tequila and lime juice and shake briefly with ice. Strain 
(do not double strain) 
into an ice-filled Collins glass. Place two cucumber slices against the walls of the Collins glass and then fill with soda.
Top with two pinches of salt and then garnish with a long dill sprig and float the last cucumber wheel on top.


Raul Yrastorza, Las Perlas, Los Angeles





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