recipe c Copa-Caipirinha

Photo by H. Joseph Ehrmann

Copa Caipirinha

Come summertime, San Francisco’s H. Joseph Ehrmann reaches for fresh cherries and earthy muscovado sugar for an extra tasty caipirnha.


2 oz. cachaça
1⁄2 of a lime in pieces
1/2 oz. muscovado simple syrup (1:1)
4 Bing cherries
2 sprigs of mint
Tools: muddler, shaker, strainer
Glass: double rocks
Garnish: 4 thin lime wheels and the top of a mint sprig


Cut a lime in half across the equator and cut one side into 4 pieces. Cut 4 wheels out of the other side and set aside. Into a shaker, add the leaves of 2 sprigs of mint (reserving the best looking top of one for the garnish), add the lime pieces and cherries, muddle until juiced, then add the cachaça and muscovado simple syrup. Fill with ice and shake well for 5–10 seconds. Strain over fresh ice in a double rocks glass and garnish with the lime wheels—sliding them between the ice and the side of the glass—and the top of the mint sprig.

H. Joseph Ehrmann, Elixir, San Francisco