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recipe c Conquistador Punch

Photo by Stuart Mullenberg

Conquistador Punch

Bartender Dan Searing, who once hosted a weekly Punch Club in Washington, D.C., created this recipe as a contrast to the dark, spicy drinks common during winter. “It was also inspired by the result of colonial-era Spain’s attempt to subjugate Mexico,” he says. “It ultimately failed but created a unique blended culture. In the punch, sweet sherry blends with spicy tequila to create a flavor all its own.”


750 ml. bottle reposado tequila

375 ml. bottle Pedro Ximenez sherry

1 ½ cups fresh lime juice (12-13 limes)

1 ½ cups clementine juice (12-13 clementines)

8 ½ oz. clementine zest syrup

ice block

Tools: pitcher, large spoon

Glass: punch

Garnish: clementine wheels and peels


Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher, adding clementine syrup last and to taste. Chill thoroughly. When ready to serve, place ice block in a punch bowl and pour punch over. Float clementine slices in the punch and garnish each serving with small coins of clementine peel gently squeezed over the glass.


Makes approximately 18 servings.


To make the clementine zest syrup: Use a microplane grater to remove the zest from the two clementines. Add zest to 8 ½ ounces of cold simple syrup (1:1). Cover and refrigerated overnight or up to 24 hours. Strain out the zest and keep the syrup refrigerated.


Dan Searing, Washington D.C.




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