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A Toast to Bourbon Heritage Month

Love a good bourbon cocktail? Then raise a glass to America's native spirit with one of these whiskey-soaked cocktails.



September is National Bourbon Heritage Month! Unanimously declared such by the Senate in 2007, this month we’re toasting our country’s native spirit. What makes bourbon different from other whiskeys? By law, its mash must be made of at least 51% corn and aged in charred new oak barrels, lending its trademark sweet-smoky profile that makes it an ideal base from which to build a cocktail. So how are we celebrating the spirited holiday? With bourbon-spiked cocktails, of course! Here are six bourbon-forward sippers we’ll be mixing all month through.



Attorney Privilege

Bourbon takes the driver’s seat (Angostura and almond syrup ride shotgun) in this nuanced three-ingredient sipper.


The Boulevardier

A cousin of the classic Negroni, the Boulevardier subs in bourbon for gin and can be sipped up or on the rocks.


Bufala Negra

Bourbon + basil = a match made in cocktail heaven. Add in sweetened balsamic and a splash of ginger beer for a spritzer you won’t soon forget.


California Bubble Bath

Freshen up with this bourbon-spiked bouquet of fresh lavender, citrus and Cynar.



We wouldn’t mind being marooned with this refreshing mix of bourbon, aged rum, citrus and mint in hand.


Whitman's Waltz

Bourbon, puréed peaches and a splash of maple mingle in this smooth sipper.




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